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Sir Edmund Hillary or Ed Hillary along with his climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay, were the first people to climb Mt Everest, the world's highest mountain on 29 May, 1953. ED HILLARY IP Ltd is the Hillary family's official and authorized entity for the administration of Ed Hillary intellectual property and naming rights. It is managed and owned by Sir Edmund Hillary's son and daughter; Peter Hillary and Sarah Hillary. 

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Mountaineer, Explorer, Author, Diplomat, Philanthropist

 Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Mt Everest, photo by  Ed Hillary,  29 May, 1953

 Ed Hillary in Antarctica, 1957Sir Edmund Hillary or Ed Hillary, as he liked to be called had one of the great lives of the 20th Century: he was the first man to climb Mt Everest reaching the summit on the 29th of May 1953 along with his climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay; he established a new route across Antarctica to reach the South Pole using humble farm tractors in 1958 and established Scott Base, New Zealand's Antarctic base; he led many expeditions in the Himalayas doing high altitude physiological research, a search for the mythical yeti and climbs of many of the Mt Everest region's high peaks; he built 42 schools and hospitals for the people of the Mt Everest region which was work he considered to be his finest achievement. He helped establish the Sagarmatha National Park or Mt Everest NP and he supported many environmental and conservation initiatives including reforestation programmes at the foot of Mt Everest.

Ed Hillary wrote many books and made numerous documentaries about his expeditions and his work in the Himalayas and for these achievements he was awarded a remarkable collection of awards and honours – he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and became Sir Edmund Hillary, he received the Hubbard Medal from President Eisenhower and nine honorary doctorates. Ed Hillary loved energy and action; he loved it in himself and he loved to see it in other people too.

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